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Tips to Make the Right Decision

Make the Right Decision 
EVERY day we will always be faced with making decisions, ranging from the simple to the complex. Simple decisions, for example, choose the color of clothing that you will use to work today. while the complex decisions can also occur when the school determines what will be the destination, selecting a spouse, or even buying a house. Page Oprah presents instructions on how to make better decisions such as the following:. Stress Reduction
Know Your DestinationDavid Welch, PhD, professor of political science at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, as well as author of the book Decisions, Decisions: THE ART OF EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING explains, "People who can not reflect themselves will end up making bad decisions because they do not really really know what they want as a priority."Before I want a new job, ask yourself: Do I really want a different career? Or do I want a different boss? Do not make decisions based only on the wrong issue."

Make a standardYou should make a list of options that suit their needs. For example, if you want to buy a digital camera, make a note of what facilities will you use of the camera. All cameras are in accordance with the standards is a good choice for you. Ignore things that are just for fun.

Do not rush - rushPeople often make bad decisions when they are experiencing stress. When faced with making complex decisions, use your brain to gather the information you need, and rest.
Walk, meditate half an hour, take a nap or even drinking Lightweight goal, to give thought to be more alert to work. The choices you make after doing it normally would be a good decision or at least acceptable.
Reduce optionsIf possible, reduce choice by creating rules for yourself. Make a schedule, like you want to go yoga every week, or do not drink more than two glasses of wine or as a choice you would not buy toilet paper if it can not be discounted.

Perform EvaluationOnce a decision is made, ask yourself how you feel afterwards and what experiences you can have. (MPA / DNI)

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