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Courage Taking Risks

In the course of General Sun Tzu's life is told that the war strategy to achieve the victory that could change moment by moment, by offset or menganntisipasi changes in enemy strategy. This strategy rests on the premise that the best way to win a war is to master the ability to read the enemy's way of thinking strategists. And whoever knows the way the enemy thinks and knows his weakness points, dipastiikan he could win the race strategy.

But any strategy must contain risk. And strategies of Sun Tzu emphasized the role of the fundamental principle that says, "big victory could only be those who dare to take great risks." This principle asserts that without the courage to take big risky tactic, it is difficult to achieve a great victory. This is the essence of Sun Tzu's war strategy is synergy between the war strategy of the clever and mature with the courage to take big risks for the sake of a greater victory.

In non-military life was like in management, entrepreneurship, and personal life, we know the principles and strategies of this kind of risk. Maybe we have devised a plan and set a strategy to invest, start a new business, diversification and business expansion. There are targets and big dreams in any such action. There are opportunities and challenges. But we should not forget is that the risk factor is definitely there and inherent in each of our action. There is a risk of failure, there is a risk managed. That's for sure!

Example: probably based on the calculation that is so mature, we have the possibility of success above 70%. Indeed, the Sun Tzu strategy we are required to be mapped first success. The new conduct of war to ensure victory. Well, if the plans and strategies have been executed while the results are not appropriate calculations, that's the risk of an action. We can not stop being just because you want to eliminate entirely the risk of failure.

As in the words of wisdom that I created, which reads: "It is in this life nothing is certain. But we must dare to make sure what we want to achieve". So in whatever field of life, strategy is important. But the courage to take risks is also very important. Remember, the strategy without the courage to take risks will not lead us to whatever destination.
So from me,
Regards tremendous success!
Andrie Wongso

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